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Dating‘Trendlines’ on human rights moving ‘wrong’ way: Blinken | #dating | #elderly | #seniors

‘Trendlines’ on human rights moving ‘wrong’ way: Blinken | #dating | #elderly | #seniors

The State Department released reports on human rights last year in nearly 200 countries, which are required annually by law and include detailed reports on geopolitical rivals like Russia and China.

Blinken said some governments had used the coronavirus crisis as a “pretext to target their critics and further repress human rights.”

Blinken also said that the State Department would bring back topics of reproductive health in the country reports, topics removed by the former administration of President Donald Trump.

An addendum will be released later this year that will cover the issues, which include information about maternal mortality and discrimination against women in accessing sexual and reproductive health, Blinken said.

Video Transcript

ANTONY BLINKEN: The report we’re releasing today shows that the trend lines on human rights continue to move in the wrong direction. We see evidence that in every region of the world, this is happening. Nonviolent protesters in Burma have been killed, beaten, imprisoned, including on Saturday, when more than 100 people were reportedly killed by the military. Many of those killed were protesting on Armed Forces Day, others, simply bystanders.

That the people of Burma are speaking clearly, they don’t want to live under military rule, and that is evident from what we’re seeing and hearing and witnessing. All of these alarming trend lines are being worsened by COVID-19, which autocratic governments have used as a pretext to target their critics and further repress human rights.

Whether it’s China, Russia, or anyone else, we’re not standing against any of those countries. We’re not trying to, for example, contain China or keep it down. What we are about is standing up for basic principles, basic rights, and a rules-based international order that has served us and countries around the world very, very well.

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