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Retirement NewsTexarkana named best retirement city in Arkansas | #retirement | #elderly | #seniors

Texarkana named best retirement city in Arkansas | #retirement | #elderly | #seniors


Texarkana Arkansas has been named the best Arkansas city to retire in by Insurify, a company that compares homeowner’s insurance.

Insurify analyzed both proprietary and public data to identify the best cities to retire in 2021. They rated U.S. cities based on a composite score of factors comprising real estate affordability, life expectancy, accessibility to health care, low rates of property crime and violent crime, and driver and pedestrian safety.

Texarkana Arkansas Mayor Allen Brown called the news a great honor for Texarkana.

“It certainly makes you happy when your hometown is recognized in such a positive way,” he said. “But it should be no surprise to those of us who have chosen Texarkana as our home. In addition to the data points used to qualify Texarkana, we also have Southern charm with friendly, welcoming citizens,” Brown said.

Cpl. Kelly Pilgreen, spokesman for the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department said the rating is also not a surprising one to the TAPD.

“This is a good place to retire. Texarkana is very community-oriented and there are a lot of activities for people who no longer work,” he said.

Pilgreen pointed out well maintained parks and well-lit paths being a big draw for many residents.

“At night, some of the walking trails are lit up like ball fields,” he said. “Plus, we are a twin city and have all the benefits of what Texarkana, Texas has to offer,” he said.

Insurify’s research team referred to for statistics on real estate affordability. Cities with lower median home sale prices received a higher score. Life expectancy and health care accessibility statistics were provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and American Medical Association, respectively. Cities with a higher life expectancy received a higher score, as did cities with a higher proportion of primary care physicians to residents. Property crime and violent crime rates were compiled from the latest Crime in the United States report, published by the FBI. Cities with lower rates of property crime and violent crime received a higher score.

Driver and pedestrian safety statistics for each city were obtained from Insurify’s database of over 4 million car insurance applications. Cities were evaluated for rates of at-fault accidents and failure to yield to pedestrian violations. Higher scores were awarded to cities with lower rates of these two violations.

The company ranked Floresville, Texas as the best Texas city to retire in. It is locates southeast of San Antonio.

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