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Healthily LifestyleRowing vs Biking – Which is the Better Workout for Weight Loss? | #elderly | #seniors | #execrise

Rowing vs Biking – Which is the Better Workout for Weight Loss? | #elderly | #seniors | #execrise



A rowing machine and an exercise bike are effective workout machines that speed up weight loss and muscle building. Due to their features, they cause a low impact on the joints so, one does not experience joint problems like other exercise machines. But the challenge most people have is in deciding which one is the best for them. A comparison between the two can help you decide on what is ideal for you.

Both rowing and biking are effective workouts to burn fat fast, and one has the option to increase resistance and intensity on both workout routines. Rowing is more demanding because of the two-step movement and, one has to bend the knees significantly. One will lose weight fast while toning the body muscles on a rowing machine. But for fast weight loss, biking is the best option.

What to consider when choosing between a rowing machine and an exercise bike

  •         Back and knee problems

The rower puts a lot of strain on the back muscles. For people suffering from back problems, they should consider the exercise bike. An exercise bike is also ideal for people recovering from knee surgery or other knee problems and the elderly as it puts less pressure on the joints.

  •         Full-body workout   

Rowing and biking are cardio fitness exercises that tone the heart, arms, and leg muscles, with biking having more impact on the leg muscles and rowing having on the hand muscles. But they also differ on the effectiveness of different body muscles. Biking strengthens leg muscles, thighs, and buttocks, and that’s why one loses weight fast through biking exercises. Using A rower will give you a more full-body workout as it focuses on all the major body muscle such as;

  •         Leg and thigh muscles
  •         Arm and gluteal muscles
  •         Back and shoulders
  •         Anterior tibia and calf
  •         Abdominal muscles

For an entire body workout, opt for a rower, but if you want to focus more on the lower body muscles, an exercise bike is the best. 

Though both exercise machines come with various price options, some are relatively expensive, but overall, the bike is more expensive

Advantages of biking and rowing exercises

Reviewing the advantages of rowing and biking will help one to make the right decision. It is also good to seek your trainer’s opinion since they understand your weight loss and fitness goal and can guide you accordingly.

Advantages of rowing

  •         Regular workouts will improve your posture
  •         Effective in toning leg and arms
  •         A rower has a compact design that is easy to store
  •         Ideal for people with a busy lifestyle as one can burn more calories within a short time.

With the above advantages, rowing will be ideal for those who; 

  •         Want full-body workout
  •         Fast results within a short time
  •         People aspiring to become rowing pros
  •         Homes with limited storage space

One should consider the rower features and reviews to choose the best rowing machine to reap the above benefits and enjoy every rowing experience. Some of the main features are a touch screen, Bluetooth-enabled, digital electromagnetic resistance system, and powerful front speakers.

Advantages of biking

  •         Less demanding and easy to use for beginners
  •         Ideal for people rehabilitating from a knee injury or surgery
  •         Many training possibilities on the exercise bike
  •         Relatively more comfortable during workout 
  •         It takes less storage space as compared to a rower

Who should opt for biking exercises?

  •         Those who want to lose lots of weight fast
  •         Improvement of aerobic fitness
  •         People who enjoy quiet workout sessions since bikes do not produce any noise.

Choosing the best bike may be challenging, but choosing the right one will ensure that you enjoy biking, fast weight loss, and muscle tone. Some of the main features to watch out for when choosing an exercise bike are;

  •         Rotating touchscreen with high definition
  •         Automated resistance adjustments
  •         Apple watch syncing functionality
  •         Powerful sound system
  •         Bike Bootcamp for overall body fitness.

Choosing the right exercises for weight loss

Weight loss is possible when one eats healthy and adheres to workout procedures by the trainer. But choosing the appropriate exercise machine also contributes towards fitness and fast weight loss. Though rowing and biking exercises are most effective for weight loss, weight lifting, walking and swimming are also effective. One should consider the following when choosing the exercise routine;

  •         Resistance levels options
  •         Connected experience; the feature will allow one to work out with friends, colleagues, or even relatives for moral support. One should watch out for joint class features, options to share workout milestones, and live workout sessions. 
  •         User-friendliness
  •         Indoor or outdoor exercises
  •         User safety

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