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Retirement NewsReprimanded Marshall doctor under investigation announces retirement | News | #retirement | #elderly | #seniors

Reprimanded Marshall doctor under investigation announces retirement | News | #retirement | #elderly | #seniors


Reprimanded Marshall Doctor Shaun Kelehan who was under investigation after a former male patient reported inappropriate sexual abuse during his treatment, has now announced his retirement.

“To begin, I would like to thank each and everyone of you for the trust you have given my team over the years as your primary care provider,” Kelehan posted on social media this week. “Taking care of you and your family has been an honor. I am writing this to inform you all of my upcoming leave of absence/retirement. My last day with Access Family Health will be within the next 30 days. The practice will continue to be staffed with some of the same knowledgeable and caring providers that you already know and love. I encourage you to allow them to treat you for your future medical needs.”

Kelehan went on to detail insurance coverage information for patients.

“If you have commercial insurance (Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, United Health Care, etc.) and Medicare, your office visit will be in the Access 1 (the main/big building) as we will be taking most insurances again effective immediately when the office changes hands,” he wrote. “(Work Projects Administration) program patients will be seen in Access 2 (little gray building). Please be assured that my staff and I will do everything we can to make the transition as smooth as possible.”

Kelehan said his patients will be required to sign a release of records to the practice’s new owners.

“When you return to the practice you will be asked to sign a release for the new owners of the practice to hold your records,” he wrote. “If you choose a physician outside of our clinic, you can sign a Release of Records form at your first visit with your new doctor or you can come in to sign a release to have your records forwarded to another provider. Please know that all records are digitally captured and will be sent electronically whenever possible.”

Kelehan then thanked his patients for their business.

“It has been a great pleasure meeting and caring for you all. I sincerely appreciate your friendship and loyalty. I wish you continued good health and all the best in the coming years,” he ended.

In October, Kelehan was called before the Texas Medical Board after he was seen and heard on video recordings admitting to “making love all night long” with a patient he had recently treated with “tranquilizers” in secret audio and video recordings made by the alleged victim.

Kelehan was reprimanded by the TMB and was barred from treating any male patients. He also was no longer permitted to prescribe medication or treat any patient outside of in-person encounters within his clinics. Kelehan was also barred from practicing tele-medicine or from refilling prescriptions by phone.

“The board panel found that based on evidence, Dr. Kelehan engaged in nonconsensual sexual encounters with a patient and administered medications to the patient during these encounters,” a statement from the TMB’s disciplinary board read. “On the date of the alleged sexual assault, there is no record of the treatment provided to the patient.”

Kelehan denied all allegations against him at the time through a statement posted on his medical practice’s social media page.


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