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SportsNFL’s Roger Goodell talks Deshaun Watson, sports betting, Aaron Rodgers | #sports | #elderly | #seniors

NFL’s Roger Goodell talks Deshaun Watson, sports betting, Aaron Rodgers | #sports | #elderly | #seniors


NFL commissioner Roger Goodell addressed numerous topics in an ESPN interview before Thursday’s NFL Draft, among them the NFL’s view on the sexual assault allegations against Deshaun Watson, legalized sports betting and the news of Aaron Rodgers’ discontent with the Green Bay Packers.

For the first time publicly, Goodell addressed the allegations of sexual assault and sexual misconduct against Watson, the Houston Texans’ quarterback.

“Obviously, we take that very seriously,” Goodell said. “Those are very concerning to us. We’re obviously following that and obviously looking at that ourselves, independently. There are important steps we’ll be taking as part of our personal conduct policy. When we get to that point we’ll certainly make a decision.”

Goodell also called legalized sports betting a “big opportunity.” Sports betting is currently legal in 21 states and the District of Columbia with bills passed in three other states and introduced in 23 others as of April.

In 2017, Goodell said the NFL strongly opposed legalized sports gambling and that the league would not compromise the integrity of the game. In March, Goodell said the league will find ways to engage fans through legalized sports betting.

“I think legalized sports betting will be a big opportunity for our fans and it’s a way to engage our fans more deeply in our game,” Goodell said Thursday.

When asked about the reports about Rodgers and his fallout with the Packers, Goodell was not critical of the situation, instead citing his respect for the players and the direction the league is heading.

“I think that’s just where we are in the world,” Goodell said on ESPN’s pre-draft coverage. “I have so much respect for them (players). They do have strong views. I hear a lot from them. They call a lot. They talk about things that are happening in our league. I want to hear that.

“I told that to the prospects here today, this morning when I met with them I said they’re a big part of the success of the NFL. I understand that. I think that’s part of what all of us are embracing in a way that’s I think is very beneficial to the league overall.”


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