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TV & MoviesNewton County senior citizens surprised with care packages | #television | #elderly | #movies

Newton County senior citizens surprised with care packages | #television | #elderly | #movies

NEWTON COUNTY, Ga. — Newton County Seniors are got quite the surprise from deputies in the area last week.

Sheriff Ezell Brown and the Newton County Sheriff’s Office donated care packages to the Newton County Senior Services on Oct. 27, which were provided to the seniors during the Senior Services’ drive-through lunch pick-up on the same day.

The care packages included necessities, like toothpaste and shampoo, as well as picture frames, movies, and other various items. The Rotary Club of Covington donated some of the items in the care packages.

“It is an honor to be able to provide support to our senior community. Our seniors, as well as many others across the nation, were impacted harder by the COVID-19 pandemic than other age groups,” Sheriff Brown said in a statement. “Many seniors have not stepped foot outside their homes since March when people self-isolated. It is important that we, as a community, make sure they are taken care of during times such as these.”

The Newton County Senior Services, located at 6183 Turner Lake Road in Covington, is a recreation and information center for seniors in Newton County who are 55 years of age or older.

The Senior Center provides a wide variety of wellness, leisure, and social opportunities for its residents.

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