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VacationNevada lawmakers consider home care worker, client measure | #vacation | #seniors | #elderly

Nevada lawmakers consider home care worker, client measure | #vacation | #seniors | #elderly


LAS VEGAS (AP) — Twice a day, Irma Nuñez drives her old blue Toyota to the home of a quadriplegic patient she has cared for over the last eight years, one of many stops she will make before her long day is done.

She arrives at Thomas Draa’s home at 4:30 a.m. and helps get him out of bed, get dressed for work and stretch his legs.

For eight years, Nuñez has made the same wage: $10 an hour.

“I’m willing to come out and do the service for people, even though the pay is not good,” Nuñez, a certified personal care assistant, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “I like helping people. That’s what I like, you know, I like my job. And since I know how to do it, it makes it easy for me.”

Personal care aides provide a crucial lifeline to their housebound clients, many of whom are elderly or disabled. In addition to performing duties such as grocery shopping and providing companionship, they help clients with essential daily activities like bathing, eating and cooking.

Nuñez is one of nearly 13,000 home care workers in Nevada and a member of the Service Employees International Union, which is fighting for a bill in the state Legislature that would give more rights to workers and their clients.

Senate Bill 340, also known as the Nevada Home Care Workforce Safety and Standards Act, would create a board of state health officials, disability advocates, workers and agency owners to examine home care in Nevada and issue recommendations to improve quality-of-care and working conditions.

The median hourly wage for personal care aides in the state is $11.07, according to the union.

The measure also would enable workers to seek training and benefits such as paid sick leave, protective equipment and health care coverage to address the shortage of quality care that seniors and people with disabilities are facing in Nevada.


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