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SportsMore games, more money, more flexibility for NFL | Sports | #sports | #elderly | #seniors

More games, more money, more flexibility for NFL | Sports | #sports | #elderly | #seniors


Hey, folks, there are going to be more games and more options how to consume those games. There will be some flexing of matches off Monday night — please, no more Minnesota at Chicago matchups in mid-November. More and better late-season national telecasts.

And now, with an interconference 17th game, some intriguing faceoffs could wind up on the biggest stages: Aaron Rodgers versus Patrick Mahomes, for example.

International fans

By adding No. 17, the NFL can direct more content abroad. Not just for London and Mexico City, although both will be front and center in such scheduling. Canada, Germany, Brazil and other members of the UK are being looked at.

Pre-pandemic, the league might even have embraced staging all of the 16 extra games in neutral sites. That’s probably not under consideration any longer, but opening up to new horizons is more manageable.

Broadcast partners

What’s better than carrying the highest-rated sport, and often the highest-rated overall programming, for 17 weeks (including byes)? Making it 18 weeks, with another meaningful match.

As the ratings and the advertising dollars and, not to be overlooked, the hefty amount of betting on games or involvement in fantasy football all on  display, the NFL’s place atop the entertainment pantheon is secure.


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