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Health CareMontana Health Facilities Warn That Anti-Vax Bill Would End All Visitations | #healthcare | #elderly | #seniors

Montana Health Facilities Warn That Anti-Vax Bill Would End All Visitations | #healthcare | #elderly | #seniors


A bill that seems destined for Gov. Greg Gianforte’s desk would not allow any business, including all health care facilities, to require any type of vaccination. To protect patients, health care groups say they would require every person to wear a mask, and no visitors would be allowed. That would include expectant fathers or people visiting their elderly parents at a nursing home.

Great Falls Tribune:
‘Anti-Vaxx’ Bill Would Mean No Visitors, All Masks To Healthcare Facilities In Montana

The Montana medical community has some sobering messages for residents of the Treasure State: If you thought mask mandates were hard, wait until House Bill 702 becomes law. Expecting fathers: Don’t expect to be there at the birth of your child. For those wanting to see a close family member injured in a car accident: Better wait outside. If you want to see grandpa or grandma in an assisted living facility: Try again in a couple years. (Ehrlick, 4/27)

In other news about vaccine requirements —

100 US Colleges And Universities Are Now Requiring Students To Get Covid-19 Vaccinations 

College students hesitant to receive a Covid-19 vaccination may need to rethink their decision. As most colleges in the US inch toward the end of the spring semester, a new procedure is taking shape for their return. More than 100 US colleges and universities have said they will require all their students to get vaccinated against Covid-19 before they return to campus for the fall semester, according to a CNN tally. (Elamroussi, 4/29)

Washington State University To Require COVID-19 Vaccine

Washington State University will require proof of COVID-19 vaccinations this fall for students and employees. University President Kirk Schulz made the announcement Wednesday, The Spokesman-Review reported. (4/29)

Unvaccinated People Could Feel Resentment Over Vacation Freedom, Poll

As coronavirus vaccination programs progress, attention is turning to summer vacations and what kind of freedoms we might experience this year — and whether this depends on our vaccination status. A new U.K. study has highlighted the potential for tension between those that are vaccinated and the unvaccinated, especially if there are travel restrictions on those that have not yet received a Covid shot. (Ellyatt, 4/29)

Philadelphia Inquirer:
Proof Of Immunity? Pa. And N.J. Aren’t Making Plans For Vaccine ‘Passports,’ But The Topic Is Hot

Weeks after the idea of vaccine “passports,” or credentials showing proof of immunity, captured the public imagination, the answer likely will depend on where you’re going. Pennsylvania and New Jersey aren’t planning to implement statewide systems, and the federal government has indicated it will be up to the private sector. So it remains to be seen whether requests for credentials or the use of an app, whether at sports venues, theaters, universities, theme parks, restaurants, or other locations, could become widespread. (McDaniel, 4/30)

COVID Vaccine Passports: The Good Is Better Than The Perfect

Whether it’s vaccine passports or public health protocols, or even passive investment strategies, perfection is rarely achievable or even desirable. Allowing a bit of fuzziness and error is at the heart of broad-based success. Silicon Valley has known for decades that the essence of disruption is to do something which is not as perfect as the incumbent, but that is a lot cheaper and easier — and more effective. (Salmon, 4/29)

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