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Health CareMichigan’s Deadly Mix – Elderly Group Residences And COVID | #healthcare | #elderly | #seniors

Michigan’s Deadly Mix – Elderly Group Residences And COVID | #healthcare | #elderly | #seniors

The debate over the Whitmer administration in Lansing forcing COVID-19 patients into nursing and long-term care facilities is nearing a boiling point. More information is coming to light that points to the state underreporting the number of elderly residents whose deaths are connected to COVID-19 following that order from Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

The latest reporting on the issue comes from the Traverse City Record-Eagle. It’s reporting what amounts to a loophole that has allowed the state to ignore virus-related deaths at small adult foster care homes. The problem is state health administrators knew it was happening and didn’t do much about it, and knowingly, according to the publication, ignored the statistics. The paper’s reporting is in lockstep with evidence uncovered by independent reporter Charlie LeDuff who just won a settlement with the state over that very issue.

The Record-Eagle was forced to file freedom of information act requests to try to obtain the data but only a smattering was returned. 12 county health departments simply failed to respond. Another 16 denied the request for the data.

State lawmakers looking into the issue are now reviewing proposed legislation to send funding to the Michigan prosecuting attorneys coordinating council.  Local prosecutors will then be able to access the funds to cover the costs of investigating how the Governor’s nursing home policies impacted their local nursing and adult foster care homes.

The State House Oversight committee, chaired by Wayland Republican Steve Johnson, plans to take a closer look at the nursing home deaths and underreporting of data by the state in a hearing at the capitol today.

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