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Hospice NewsMcKinleyville Senior Center: Chromebooks come aboard | #hospice | #elderly | #seniors

McKinleyville Senior Center: Chromebooks come aboard | #hospice | #elderly | #seniors


Happy Wednesday! Here’s an update on the McKinleyville Senior Center…. wishing I had firm dates for our reopening, but I don’t. 

I do have some news to share with the community. We have reached the first stage goal of computer literacy for seniors with the purchase of Chromebooks for the center. 

This was made possible by the donations to our little green jars about town, from donations from friends of the center, and by some creative shopping by Rene Quintana, our executive director. Whenever possible he shopped locally for our furniture, glass and plastic desk and table toppers. Thank you to all of you who were so generous and appreciated our limited budget.

New COVID-19 compliant furniture is in place as are safety barriers, cleaning, and lots of creative new ideas. 

At our last Board of Directors meeting with the new MCSD director and the head of the recreation division, it was decided by unanimous agreement to require vaccinations to reenter the center when it reopens. 

This is not a political decision, rather a safety issue raised by seniors in the community and the entire Board of Directors in attendance. There was a huge sigh of relief that safety was the number one issue in reopening.

We do have a few issues to resolve before an official opening.  We are asking for ideas from the senior community about which classes to offer given our new limitations. 

Please offer your suggestions and new ideas. Scheduling will be a bit different because of continuing County Health restrictions: Smaller class sizes, regular cleaning, volunteers for the front desk, and things we haven’t even thought of yet. The biggest changes will most likely be in our exercise programs as they are very popular and well attended. The biggest change will be the size limits for the classes and scheduling. Some classes may only be able to meet once a week instead of twice to accommodate everyone who wants to participate. 

Here’s a couple of things that surprised me this week. I went to Eureka Natural Foods for lunch and picked up our jars as I checked out. A woman in a mask, approached me (also masked) and asked if I was Patti Stammer. 

I said yes and she asked if I could come to her house and pick up some bags of coins she wanted to donate. People do read my somewhat erratic column in the Mad River Union! What surprised me was how she recognized me from the stupid “summer hat” photo in the paper to the real me with crazy hair and a mask. Thank you, Teri, you made my day!

We have also received donations from friends of Carol Davis, our much-loved pal who passed this summer. Thank you to all who participated in her amazing “by donation” yard sale that raised funds for Hospice, Food for People and MSC. As many of our seniors are passing with increasing regularity, I wonder what we can do to acknowledge and honor them. Any ideas?

We are hoping to begin with a community open house to show off the changes and thank everyone for the unwavering support through this “unusual” time.  Time seems to be passing quickly as we begin to move out and about again. As soon as we can formulate a plan to keep everyone “mingling” safe, we will announce it all over the place. We are ready to get together again soon!

Thanks Jack, Kevin, and Ted for keeping us reading and active and up to date. I do hope you realize how important you are to our communities… just ignore all those cranky, cranked-up, crabby mean people. We love you and everything you do to get the word out that elders are vital, funny, interesting members of any community that hopes to survive. Plus, we have the have the best stories. 

Still collecting coins, so call me and keep my trunk jingling and help us get connected.  Call me at (707) 845-2817 or call the McKinleyville Senior Center at (707) 839-0191  We have a new phone and a book that tells us how to answer messages!  


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