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VacationMargaret Hunt Center opens for face-to-face activities | #vacation | #seniors | #elderly

Margaret Hunt Center opens for face-to-face activities | #vacation | #seniors | #elderly

After many visitors were alone during the coronavirus pandemic, the center was reopened for face-to-face activities.

Toledo, Ohio — Wednesday’s Margaret Hunt Senior Center was all smiling. The center has been reopened for face-to-face activities for the first time in about 15 months since it was closed due to a coronavirus pandemic.

“For me, it’s like returning to the first day of school!” Says Glenna Berres, Senior Advocate / Outreach Coordinator at the Margaret Hunt Senior Center.

“It’s very exciting to see everyone coming in!” Said one visitor.

Pooling, crafting and Wii bowling were some of the many activities visitors missed during their vacation.

And while the activity is great, many have longed to meet in person without a mask.

“It was really nice to be back and play in the pool and back with friends. Meet everyone, that is, the people we’ve known for a long time!” With Darlene, a visitor to the center. Bill said.

“I’m so tired of sitting that I don’t want to sit anymore,” said volunteer visitor Hori Pagsley.

Most of the visitors are in the center, and much of their social life is done in the center, so they have been almost alone for the past year.

“I couldn’t stand being alone, it just became too monotonous,” Pagsley said.

Bill reached out to Darleen, saying, “I’m lucky. I have a girlfriend, but many seniors have no one. And when the seniors center is closed, they have no one.” Told.

“We didn’t catch [the coronavirus], Many of our friends did, but we care about our health and we care about each other. So we paid very much attention to what we did, “Bill added.

The center’s coordinator has realized that not everything is fully restored and up and running, but many of the visitors have realized that they need to do something and celebrate their health after being very cautious for over a year. I want to say

“Many of them are lonely and some want to go just as getters, so they want to come back,” Beres said.

Margaret Hunt Center opens for face-to-face activities

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