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SportsManhattan girls’ soccer shutouts out Hayden, wins 3-0 | Sports | #sports | #elderly | #seniors

Manhattan girls’ soccer shutouts out Hayden, wins 3-0 | Sports | #sports | #elderly | #seniors


Manhattan High’s girls’ soccer team gave itself many chances to score in the first half of Friday’s home match versus Hayden.

The Indians were close numerous times; they just couldn’t close the deal.

Until the final minute of the half, that is.

That gave MHS the momentum it needed, as it went on to win 3-0 at Bishop Stadium.

The first score came on an odd play. After Hayden’s goalkeeper blocked a shot attempt from Manhattan, another Hayden player, Noelia Cruz, went down with an injury. The goalkeeper her gut instinct to go help her teammate, who was lying on the field in agony.

But the referees never stopped the match to whistle the play dead.

As a result, the net was left unguarded. Manhattan freshman Chloe Porter fired a line-drive shot from well outside the goalie box that swished into the back of the net for an easy goal.

“It was just kind of bang, bang,” Manhattan head coach Mike Sanchez said. “(Cruz), when she was running back, she reached and actually hit Reese (Snowden). I think she just reached with her ankle and it might have caught her funny coming up and sprained her ankle. Kind of a bang-bang thing.”

Sanchez was OK with no foul being called on the play.

“I thought (the referee) did a good job,” he said. “Just letting the play happen. … I guess. If she would have gone in harder, it good have been a different kind of call.”

Hayden head coach Klays Kreutzer walked onto the field in anger, yelling in frustration at the officials. He received a yellow card for being on the field.

Sanchez is aware that controversial situations produced from the officials in a hard-fought match can lead to emotions running high.

“I would not want that call made on my team,” Sanchez said. “But at the same time, you got to look back and think, ‘Was that a part of the play?’ And you do not want to make a call there when it is bang, bang towards the end (of the first half). So it is a tough call. The refs do not have the easiest job.”

A Hayden coach carried Cruz off the field, as she could not to do under her own power.

MHS continued to control the time of possession in the second half.

The Indians broke through again with 14:33 remaining. Sophomore midfielder Emily Ruliffson got ahold of the ball and fired a missile from well beyond the goalie box that went by the hands of Hayden’s goalkeeper for a second goal.

Senior midfielder Sam Grynkiewicz added another goal for the Indians with 9:01 to play.

Sanchez is happy with the overall performance in the victory.

But he said he believes his team still could have played better.

“I am happy that we dominated possession,” Sanchez said. “I just think we could have been a little more aggressive and dangerous in the final third (of the game). I do not know that we challenged the goalkeeper quite like we want to. We will take the win, and go rest up.”


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