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Healthily LifestyleMaine needs to get healthier | #elderly | #seniors | #execrise

Maine needs to get healthier | #elderly | #seniors | #execrise

Maine, as we all know, is a state with an elderly population. Perhaps that is one reason why, in the 2020 America’s Health Rankings, the state received very low marks for having multiple chronic conditions when it was compared to other states.

The conditions measured in the study, and what Maine ranks high in, related to diabetes, obesity, cancer, high blood pressure, arthritis, chronic kidney disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, depression, asthma and cardiovascular diseases.

Some of the ways listed in the study to reduce the risk of developing bad health included: not smoking, eating healthier foods, getting regular physical activity and avoiding too much alcohol.

The state’s positives listed in the study included high ranks for childhood immunizations, having a dedicated health care provider, fruit and vegetable consumption, non-medical drug use, and colorectal cancer screening.

Although we have an aged population, the study included all ages so the low ranking can’t all be blamed on those 65 and older. Doing the right things to stay healthy from an early age can help you avoid getting the above listed chronic conditions.

Spring seems to be a great time to start a regimen of getting healthier by getting more exercise/walking more, cutting down on fatty foods, and working on cutting down on your smoking and alcohol consumption.

Good luck with anything you do toward starting and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.



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