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Senior Living CommunitiesLove, Death & Robots Season 2: Release Date, Story, Trailer | #seniorliving | #elderly | #seniors

Love, Death & Robots Season 2: Release Date, Story, Trailer | #seniorliving | #elderly | #seniors


As fans prepare to plunge into a new series of animated shorts next month with Love, Death & Robots season 2, here’s everything we know so far. Often stylized as LOVE, DEATH + ROBOTS, the show is a science-fiction anthology highlighting the work of artists from around the world. Helmed by David Fincher and Tim Miller, season 1 was a genre-defying masterpiece, including elements of cyberpunk, steampunk, and even body horror.

Each animated short, ranging from 6-17 minutes, revolves around the common themes of love, death, and robots. Aside from those similarities, however, they are wildly different, some set in post-apocalyptic worlds, some tackling the bioengineering of the future and some looking at the classic conflict between military and science. Comprised of 18 episodes, season 1 included a variety of high-quality animation styles, from traditional to cutting-edge and computer-generated.

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A new trailer released last week shows Love, Death and Robots taking on a more introspective tone than it has in the past. Although season 1 garnered mostly positive reviews following its March 2019 premiere on Netflix, some critics found fault in the show’s preoccupation with sex and violence. Season 2 of the NSFW series will still include nudity and gore, but the trailer shows the series refocusing on humanity. Love, Death and Robots season 2 will likely take more time to explore complex moral conflicts and major political themes like climate change.

Love, Death & Robots Release Date

Love Death and Robots Volume 2

Love, Death and Robots season 2 premieres May 14 on Netflix. With only eight episodes, volume 2 is about half the length of volume 1. Most of the shorts are on the longer side, spanning 10 or 15 minutes, although there are two shorter stories ranging 6-8 minutes. Netflix has also announced that Love, Death and Robots season 3 will be coming sometime in 2022. The third season is also comprised of eight episodes.

Love, Death & Robots Animators

Love Death and Robots Season 2

Love, Death and Robots season 2 will include a mix of animators, many of whom are well-known in Hollywood. Tim Miller’s animation workshop, Blur Studio, is taking charge of three of the season’s eight shorts. The first episode, “Pop Squad,” will be directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson, best known for her work on the Kung Fu Panda movies. The second episode, “Life Hutch,” will also be directed by a Blur Studio veteran, Alex Beaty, who worked in the animation department for Kung Fu Panda 3 and Deadpool. Miller himself is directing episode 7, “The Drowned Giant.” Most of the Blur Studio’s work has a hyper-realistic style that was showcased in Love, Death and Robots season 1 episode 1, “Sonnie’s Edge” and season 1, episode 10 “Shape-Shifters.” The season 2 trailer shows hints of that same style, with close-ups of the characters from Blur Studio showing every pore and wrinkle in their skin.

Another returning artist is Robert Valley, who directed Love, Death and Robots season 1, episode 14, “Zima Blue.” Valley has a distinctive two-dimensional animation style characterized by straight edges, angular shapes and blocks of color. An animation team made up of Leon Berelle, Dominique Boidin, Remi Kozyra and Maxime Luere will also be coming back for season 2. The team directed season 1, episode 7, “Beyond the Aquila Rift,” an incredibly detailed short that prompts a bit of an uncanny valley response in viewers.

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Newcomers to Love, Death and Robots, include Simon Otto, a Swiss animator who served as the head of character animation for How to Train Your Dragon. Otto’s three-dimensional animation follows DreamWorks tradition by creating complex images without perfect realism. The trailer, however, hints that Otto may be taking a more traditional approach in Love, Death and Robots, flattening out his images to create a layered feel.

Also new to the scene is Elliot Dear, of Blink Industries. Dear’s visuals conform to the traditions of children’s animated movies, with three-dimensional characters who have exaggerated features. Dear’s animation style appears to be more realistic than Otto’s in the upcoming season, something of a mix between modern Disney and The Polar Express. Finally, there’s the animation collective Meat Dept — Kevin Dan Ver Meiren, David Nicolas, Laurent Nicolas — who have a similar, if more surreal, style, a la WALL-E. 

Love, Death & Robots Stories

Love Death and Robots Season 2 All Through the House

Netflix released official episode descriptions for Love, Death and Robots season 2 earlier this year, outlining the premise of each animated short. The trailer revealed a few more details when it came to certain stories, although not all scenes are easily identifiable. The episodes, many of which are based on sci-fi short stories, explore themes of survival, economic privilege, exploration of the unknown and the dangers of technology, among other things.

— Episode 1, “Pop Squad”: In a future where resources are controlled by the rich, “unregistered offspring” are forbidden by the state. A police officer charged with enforcing population control faces a crisis of conscience.

— Episode 2, “Life Hutch”: When his ship is damaged in battle, a combat pilot (Michael B. Jordan) crashlands on a desolate planet. Fortunately, there’s an automated shelter on the surface he can take refuge in until rescue arrives… if he can survive that long.

—Episode 3, “Ice”: In a future where many humans are enhanced with extraordinary strength and endurance, the “unmodded” feel left behind. This class conflict drives a rift between two brothers that puts their lives at risk during a dangerous race across the frozen sea of their colony world.

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— Episode 4, “The Tall Grass”: When a train makes an unscheduled stop in the middle of nowhere, a lone traveler is lured into the surrounding fields by drifting, ethereal lights. But his curiosity may prove deadly when he discovers the hellish source of the illumination.

— Episode 5, “Automated Customer Service”: Some senior citizens are lucky enough to enjoy their golden years in tomorrow’s high-tech, assisted living communities. They pursue relaxation and spiritual fulfillment, their every need taken care of… until their robotic servants decide to kill them.

— Episode 6, “All Through the House”: On Christmas Eve, a young girl and her little brother lie awake, too excited to sleep. When a jingle of bells announces Saint Nick’s arrival they sneak downstairs hoping to catch a glimpse of the mythical gift-giver… but find something far less jolly than they expected.

— Episode 7, “The Drowned Giant”: When a two hundred-foot-tall naked body washes ashore outside a small fishing village, crowds gather to witness the spectacle. A local scientist documents the leviathan’s surrender to nature while the miraculous becomes first mundane and then forgotten entirely.

— Episode 8, “Snow in the Desert”: On an arid, scorched planet at the edge of galactic civilization, an ageless albino named “Snow” is hunted by an assortment of hired killers. But after a beautiful stranger named Hirald saves his life, she reveals her own plans for him, but keeps some secrets of her own.

Love, Death & Robots Trailer

Love Death and Robots Season 2 Automated Customer Service

The two-minute trailer for Love, Death and Robots season 2 dropped April 19, giving audiences their first glimpse of an epic, action-packed season that is no longer afraid of slowing the pace. Although there are plenty of galactic battles and firefights, the trailer showcases a renewed focus on people. Voiceovers and flashes of one-on-one conversation suggest the series will examine how ordinary people cope with extraordinary situations. The second installment of Love, Death and Robots won’t be all drama, all the time, however. A 5-second scene showing a robot picking up dog poop — likely from Episode 5, “Automated Customer Service” — proves the series hasn’t left its trademark humor behind.

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