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Healthily LifestyleLong-term care: access and affordability | #elderly | #seniors | #execrise

Long-term care: access and affordability | #elderly | #seniors | #execrise


Qing Yang and Kevin Parker

Our last article talked about the pressing need for long-term care faced by many older Americans and their families. Navigating the maze of services is uncomfortable and daunting. The industry is highly fragmented. There are nursing homes run by corporations, home health franchises, local non-profits, freelance caretakers and government agencies, just to name a few of the players. Where do you even begin?

We recommend that you start by talking to your primary care physician or another health care provider you trust. They’ll assess your health, hear your wishes, formulate a “chronic care plan” and provide the paperwork to qualify for services.

Sometimes an acute illness or injury, such as a stroke or fall, can change your functionality and health outlook. If you’re admitted to a hospital or rehab facility, ask to talk with a “discharge planner,” “care coordinator,” or “case manager.” They’re the pros of navigating the complex system of support services. 


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