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Healthily LifestyleKellie Dziemianzuk supports community with cardio drumming | #elderly | #seniors | #execrise

Kellie Dziemianzuk supports community with cardio drumming | #elderly | #seniors | #execrise

Initially, Kellie Dziemianzuk, 36, came to Stow for her dream house — a small cottage next to a stream — but she stayed because of the community.  

When the pandemic shutdown happened and community members were isolated from one another, Dziemianzuk knew something had to be done. In her toolbox, she had 20 years of instructing fitness classes and another 13 of teaching special education. The big takeaway? How to use leadership skills and compassion to create a safe, all-inclusive space.

Tyrannosaurus Flex Fitness owner Kellie Dziemianzuk leads a cardio drumming demonstration to a grand opening gathering Saturday at the Stow business.

She started a Facebook page dedicated to fitness and began posting strength training, cardio drumming and kickboxing videos. As the page continued to grow, an increasing number of its followers began asking for in-person classes.  

“I found that people were feeling very isolated, and they wanted to get outside and be around other people, but safely,” Dziemianzuk said. “So, we started meeting in parks or parking lots outside as soon as the weather got nice.”  

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