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Healthily Lifestyle‘Instal age-friendly gym equipment at playground’ | #elderly | #seniors | #execrise

‘Instal age-friendly gym equipment at playground’ | #elderly | #seniors | #execrise

SENIOR citizens who live near Lorong Merlimau off Jalan Mengkuang, Taman Teluk Pulai in Klang want outdoor gym equipment suitable for the elderly installed at a nearby playground.

Resident Datuk David Padman, 67, said Klang Municipal Council (MPK) should make this a priority so that the elderly would feel they were part of the community.

“Our neighbourhood has some outdoor exercise equipment at the playground but they are not suitable for older folk.

“Inclusion of older people in the planning of green open space must be acknowledged always as our communities are seeing an ageing population, ” he said.

“For starters, we can have a cycle strider that will help with muscle toning and dexterity, ” added David.Edward says MPK must give everyone equal opportunity to participate in outdoor activities.

Another resident Edward Sam, 61, said exercise equipment for senior folk was important as MPK must give everyone an equal opportunity to participate in outdoor activities and ensure the units installed are age-friendly.

“I hope MPK will consider providing two units of the cycle strider.

“We also want the municipal council to level the ground as it is uneven and can cause children or even adults to trip when they walk, ” he added.

Edward said exercise equipment would help maintain the well-being of older people and improve their physical and mental health.

“We also want the council to remove the tree stumps dotting the sides of the playground that MPK contractors had left after a few trees were felled, ” he said.

Area councillor M. Nalan said he would ask MPK to purchase outdoor gym equipment for senior citizens and evaluate which machines were suitable for them.

“It will take time to get the equipment as it depends on budget availability, ” he said.

On the issue of uneven ground at the park, Nalan said he would get MPK’s Gardens and Recreation Department to top up the area with red earth and have it levelled.

He added that outdoor gym equipment costing RM40,000 would be installed at the field at Jalan Jambu Bol 1 and Lorong Hilir 2.

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