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TV & Movies‘I Care A Lot’ Trailer: Get a First Look at the Netflix Movie | #television | #elderly | #movies

‘I Care A Lot’ Trailer: Get a First Look at the Netflix Movie | #television | #elderly | #movies


There are plenty of stars in the trailer for the upcoming Netflix release I Care A Lot. Rosamund Pike plays Marla Grayson, the ferocious lead, a “legal guardian” who ostensibly takes care of old people, but really just sequesters them in facilities while she sells off their belongings to turn a profit. Peter Dinklage appears as her threatening adversary, telling her she messed with the wrong people this time. Eiza González is her girlfriend/conspirator. Chris Messina is a slick lawyer. Dianne Wiest is the lady with a lot of secrets she shouldn’t have taken under her wing. And yet, the number one supporting player in this first look at the film, which premiered at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival, is Pike’s giant vape rig. 

Pike wields her vape like a weapon, constantly blowing smoke out of her nostrils like a dragon ready to plow down anyone in her path. I Care A Lot marks a return for Pike to the savagery she wielded playing Amy Dunne in Gone Girl. Marla is an unrepentantly evil character, who just happens to run into some people who can match her viciousness in this project written and directed by J Blakeson. 

The movie debuts on Netflix February 19 in a cloud of vape smoke. 

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