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Healthily LifestyleFatigue can cause a heart attack, doctors say | #elderly | #seniors | #execrise

Fatigue can cause a heart attack, doctors say | #elderly | #seniors | #execrise


Fatigue caused by overwork can trigger a cardiac arrest and people with symptoms should immediately consult a doctor, according to cardiovascular disease experts.

Over 40 percent of deaths in China are the result of cardiovascular disease, with 544,000 people dying every year, or one death from cardiovascular disease every 12 seconds.

“No matter if it’s overwork, strenuous exercise or lack of sleep, fatigue is what causes a cardiac arrest,” said Dr Song He of Shanghai’s Yodak Cardio-Thoracic Hospital. “In addition to the elderly, young and middle-aged people are also at high risk of cardiac arrest, including many people who look healthy and haven’t had diagnosed with heart disease before.

“The rise of heart disease among the young and middle-aged is mainly related to changes in the social environment and unhealthy lifestyles. A rich diet can cause hyperlipidemia, which can induce heart disease. Pressure at work and a hectic lifestyle also put a strong load on the heart. A lack of sleep is also an important cause of an adverse cardiovascular event.”

Doctors say many young people don’t go to hospital if suffering chest pain and any delay in visiting a doctor can be risky.

“Warning symptoms include repeated dizziness, a rapid heartbeat and feeling fatigued without cause,” Song said. “Those with an unhealthy lifestyle such as a rich diet and drinking too much alcohol should change such habits soon.”


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