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Healthily LifestyleElderly Veteran Marched Alone In Perth For Anzac Day Despite Lockdown | #elderly | #seniors | #execrise

Elderly Veteran Marched Alone In Perth For Anzac Day Despite Lockdown | #elderly | #seniors | #execrise


Thousands of people turned out in cities and towns across Australia yesterday to commemorate Anzac Day.

Veterans and currently serving servicemen and women were among those who marched through the streets and many paid their respects to the people who have kept us safe over the decades.

However, Perth was forced into a last minute lockdown due to a coronavirus outbreak and the city’s Anzac Day plans had to be cancelled.

People were told they only had four reasons to leave their homes, which were work (if you can’t work from home); shopping for essentials like groceries, medicine and necessary supplies; medical or healthcare needs, and exercise with a maximum of four people.

It was a crushing blow to the people who wanted to mark Anzac Day, especially considering last year’s was very subdued due to the pandemic.

With his war medals on his blazer and a sign on his chest that read ‘Honour The Fallen’, the elderly bloke slowly made his way through the CBD.

Another man on a mobility scooter followed behind the mystery marcher for part of his journey.

While Perth residents were warned they would be punished if they were caught outside their home without an approved reason, police actually supported the man.

Two cops on bicycles followed him as he walked in the middle of the road and they even stopped traffic at one point, according to The West Australian, to let him march safely. Authorities even gave him a guard of honour to complete his march.

It was a surprising twist considering police haven’t shied away from punishing those who break lockdown laws.

The snap three-day lockdown was introduced after a positive case in Melbourne had been in Perth for five days prior while infectious.

The man was released from hotel quarantine on April 17 and spent nearly a week in the Western Australian city before flying to Melbourne, where he was tested for coronavirus and the result came back positive.

People in Perth and Peel are anxiously awaiting whether Premier McGowan will lift the lockdown restrictions later today (April 26) or keep some of the rules in place.

As part of the lockdown, everyone was ordered to wear face masks in public; supermarkets, pharmacies and other essential stores were permitted to stay open but all other retail shut; and restaurants and cafés had to only do takeaway.


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