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TV & MoviesEight Books, TV Shows, Movies to Enjoy this Women’s History Month | Hey BU | #television | #elderly | #movies

Eight Books, TV Shows, Movies to Enjoy this Women’s History Month | Hey BU | #television | #elderly | #movies


Women’s History Month

Indulge in this assortment of books, television shows, and movies for women, by women.

“Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands for all women.”
– Maya Angelou 

March is Women’s History Month – a time to celebrate women and their tenacity to succeed regardless of the obstacles in front of them. To commemorate this month, indulge in this assortment of books, television shows, and movies for women, by women.


1. Little Women by Louis May Alcott

Little Women is the perfect coming of age story based on writer Louisa May Alcott and her sister’s lives. The book explores the lives of four sisters – Jo, Meg, Beth, and Amy – and their defining moments as they enter into womanhood. Alcott takes you on an emotional journey, vividly detailing heartbreaks, misfortunes, and triumphs. No matter if you are young or old, Little Women is a classic, must-read, filled with powerful life lessons derived from a variety of experiences.

2. My Beloved World by Sonia Sotomayer

Need some inspiration? Read My Beloved World, an autobiography of Sonia Sotomayor, the first Latina Supreme Court Justice. Throughout the book, Justice Sotomayor details her journey from growing up in public housing to getting a seat on the court and the lessons she learned along the way while overcoming adversity. 

3. Bad Feminist: Essays by Roxanne Gay

Afraid you don’t fit the ideal feminist mold? Read Roxane Gay’s Bad Feminist, a book comprised of essays with topics spanning from pop culture to race and politics. The book showcases the raw, comedic, relatable thoughts of Gay trying to be a feminist, all while having contradictory thoughts regarding the stereotypical expectations of feminists. Gay helps readers recognize that it’s okay to have these different thoughts because they allow you to discover yourself.

Television Series

4. Jane The Virgin

Jane The Virgin is a comedy-drama centered around Jane (portrayed by Gina Rodriguez), a Latina woman who receives life-altering information from her doctor. However, the news doesn’t break her, but instead ignites a fire where she showcases strength, humility, and beauty while navigating her uncertainties.

5. Diary of a Future President

Diary of a Future President is a television series that dares you to dream. The show focuses on Elena, a twelve-year-old Cuban American girl who dreams of becoming president of the United States and sets out on her journey. Elena’s first stop is navigating Middle School, and she quickly learns that this stage of her life holds so much value in setting the foundation to enable her to have a successful future.


6. The Gabby Douglas Story

The Gabby Douglas Story focuses on Olympic Gymnast Gabby Douglas. The film highlights the sacrifices, commitment, and perseverance it takes to achieve long-term goals. In Gabby’s case, hers was winning gold at the Olympics, but her hard work paid off so much that she made history by being the first African American man or woman to win the individual all-around event.

7. On The Basis of Sex

On The Basis of Sex is a film based on Late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg (RBG). In the film, RBG, portrayed by Felicity Jones, is a struggling attorney facing adversity in her fight for equal rights and attempting to change a sexist judicial system. Through the film’s progression, viewers gain an insight into the path she took to win the cases that defined her career early on. Ultimately, resulting in RBG getting nominated and confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice. On the Basis of Sex empowers women everywhere to keep fighting for what they believe in even if they haven’t received their desired outcome yet. 

8. Homecoming: A Film By Beyonce

Homecoming is a concert documentary co-directed by Beyoncé following the process leading up to her breathtaking performance as the first black woman to headline Coachella. While the documentary is filled with countless hits and cheerful moments, the documentary’s underlying message is showcasing what it means to be a working mom and the sacrifices made. It also inspires women not to shy away from being overly passionate when it comes to the execution of your vision.

Hopefully, this Women’s History Month and every day after it, you find pleasure in at least a few of these finds. Admire these women’s artistry as they give you an inside look to their unique perspective and challenges in their stories and exemplify empowerment. Enjoy!

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