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DatingEffort To Establish Met With Backlash In Calaveras County | #dating | #elderly | #seniors

Effort To Establish Met With Backlash In Calaveras County | #dating | #elderly | #seniors


There is controversy brewing as several people in Calaveras County are working on plans to form a militia for protection.

Video Transcript

Now, the controversy over a community militia in the foothills. There’s a push tonight in Calaveras County to form a militia for protection, but local law enforcement says, they won’t support it.

CBS 13’s Anna Giles is in Copperopolis with the man behind the militia. Anna?

ANNA GILES: The owner of a local gun store hosted a meeting this week about creating the Calaveras Community Service Militia. He says, this is a peaceful effort, and he only used the word militia to attract attention.

If we call it a community meeting, how many people would you think show up? All of them said we probably wouldn’t.

Doug Rockie says, he wants to establish a militia in Calaveras County that would serve as a backup for local emergency resources.

They’re underfunded.

His effort drew quick backlash on social media. Some calling it racist, dangerous, and a target for aspiring insurrectionists.

We’re not about walking around with guns. We’re about helping everybody in our community. It doesn’t matter what color, what race. We want to help everybody.

The Calaveras County Sheriff’s office says, they attended the meeting Doug organized and released this statement. The Sheriff’s office does not support the Calaveras County Community Service Militia and has no intention of supporting them.

We don’t want them to be affiliated. We don’t want them to be part of the militia. I mean, they already are law enforcement.

Although, Doug claims this militia would not be military, other militia groups have taken police actions into their own hands. This includes a group in Oakdale, last summer, that patrolled the streets armed and in military gear ahead of a Black Lives Matter protest that never happened. This group also faced quick condemnation from local police. Doug says, he’s looking to recruit electricians and plumbers, but also, express his beliefs in a future Civil War and that militias are legal.

According to Georgetown Law, all 50 US states have laws against creating private paramilitary organizations. Doug says, he plans to move forward with his peaceful militia.


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