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VacationColor Us Connected: Fighting voter suppression | #vacation | #seniors | #elderly

Color Us Connected: Fighting voter suppression | #vacation | #seniors | #elderly


Guy Trammell Jr. and Amy Miller

This column appears every other week in Foster’s Daily Democrat and the Tuskegee News in Alabama. This week, Guy Trammell, an African American man from Tuskegee, and Amy Miller, a white woman from South Berwick, Maine, write about voter laws and suppression.

By Guy Trammell Jr.

While in grade school, I remember sneaking quiet bites of sugary cereal in the back seat while returning at night from Roses in Auburn’s Midway Plaza, about 30 minutes from home. My parents, along with the Black families of the Village of Greenwood and Tuskegee, had decided to shop only in Greenwood and other nearby towns instead of at the white-owned businesses in Tuskegee after Mayor Philip Lightfoot’s gerrymander; it redrew the town’s boundaries to exclude all but a handful of the 5,000 Black voters, while including all of the 1,000 white voters.


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