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SportsChisholm names new football, basketball coach | Sports | #sports | #elderly | #seniors

Chisholm names new football, basketball coach | Sports | #sports | #elderly | #seniors

Chisholm has announced the hiring of Lyle Welsh as the head football coach and Cole Hibler as the boys head basketball coach.

Welsh is coming off a short stint as an assistant coach for Oklahoma Bible Academy. Welsh retired from coaching in 2003, after winning state titles with both Fairview and Pond Creek–Hunter.

He takes over a Longhorn team that was 3-7 in 2020 and 6-6 in 2019.

“I kind of wanted to get back into it for a while and the opportunity just sort of presented itself to me,” Welsh said. “I’m excited about the opportunity to try to get to do it again.”

Welsh said his coaching style focuses on keeping things simple and sticking with the fundamentals of the game.

“A little bit of old school, I suppose,” Welsh said of his coaching style. “I’ve kind of been around for a long time. I’m a fundamentalist, I think you’ve got to do things right, I don’t do a lot of different things, but I think that you need to learn the fundamentals and do the basics correctly.”

Hibler joins the Longhorns as a first-time head coach after serving two years as an assistant coach for Blackwell.

“I know they have a lot of tradition in the basketball program,” Hibler said. “I think it’s a great school, it’s a great place to be.”

Hibler, who is married with a daughter expected in September, said he saw the job as a great opportunity for his family.

“I thought this would be a good place for us to be, I think it’s a place that we could potentially be for a very long time.” Hibler said.

He will take over a program that was 11-10 during the 2020-21 season and 9-17 the year prior.

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