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Retirement NewsChesco Dems Elect New Chair Upon Bingham’s Retirement | #retirement | #elderly | #seniors

Chesco Dems Elect New Chair Upon Bingham’s Retirement | #retirement | #elderly | #seniors

WEST CHESTER, PA — Chester County’s Democrats announced they have chosen a new committee chair as Dick Bingham prepares to retire.

As Chester County Democratic Committee (CCDC) gathered to choose their own party leadership, Charlotte Valyo of Schuylkill Township was unanimously elected to serve the remaining one-year term as Chester County Democratic Committee Chair.

Jerry Pyne of East Whiteland Township will now serve as CCDC Vice Chair and Theresa Soja of West Bradford won her election as Zone Leader Caucus Chair. All three join the five-member CCDC Executive Board this week.

Chair Dick Bingham and Vice Chair Marsha Peltz in March each announced their retirements, effective May 31. Both were elected to a four-year term until June 2022.

Valyo, Pyne and Soja will each serve one year with a countywide quadrennial Organization Convention set for next summer, in accordance with CCDC’s Bylaws, for the next Executive Board term.

“Voters and candidates are well aware of the historic and unprecedented growth of the county’s Democratic Party in three short years. County Democrats are now the majority in West Chester, in Harrisburg, and in Washington, DC.,” the Democratic Committee told members in a news release.

“It was an unthinkable goal to have a Democratic Congresswoman, four Democratic State Senators, and six Democratic State Representatives plus every single county Row Officer minus one reserved for the minority party,” the news statement said.

Valyo most recently served as Zone Leader Caucus Chair, a coalition of the 20 geographic zones that cover every voting precinct in the county. She served on the five-member Executive Board and as the Zone 11 Northern Chester County Zone Leader.

Pyne served as CCDC’s Systems Administrator and as Zone 13 East Whiteland/Charlestown Dems Zone Leader. Soja was elected as Zone 7 Bradford Dems Zone Leader. All have played a key role in Chester County Democrats’ incredible rise.

“Science, truth, social responsibility, acting for the common good are all values we stand for in the county and in the nation,” said incoming Chair Valyo. “We have been set up for success by those who led before me. CCDC owns its own building on High Street in West Chester, we are about to hire a full-time Executive Director, and our membership and voter registration continue to swell as the public realizes the damage bad leaders can inflict and great leaders can heal.”

Chester County became a “blue” county in the run-up to the November 2020 General Election, as for the first time ever more voters were registered Democrat than Republican here. In 2000, there were 82,428 registered Democrat voters in Chester County and 163,833 Republican voters. By May 2020, Dems had 148,194 registered Democratic voters here, and the Republican Party here had 147,966.

Former Chair Dick Bingham, known as Richard Bingham, Ph.D. to his Dupont colleagues, said, “I am extremely proud of our neighbors who took the chance to run for political office, many for the first time. We all care deeply about our community. Politics is a rough business and CCDC is an all-volunteer organization. At the top, we ‘worked’ 52 weeks a year, nights and weekends as our trajectory soared. In my mind, that just became untenable. I am thankful for Charlotte’s commitment to serve out my term and know that we are in excellent hands as we march to victory in November. She has my unwavering support.”

Among the hundreds of 2021 municipal openings, the Chester County Democratic slate for November features:

  • PA Supreme Court: Maria McLaughlin
  • PA Superior Court: Timika Lane
  • PA Commonwealth Court: Lori Dumas and David Spurgeon
  • Chester County Treasurer (incumbent): Patricia Maisano
  • Chester County Controller (incumbent): Margaret Reif
  • Chester County Clerk of Courts (incumbent): Yolanda Van de Krol
  • Chester County Coroner: Sophia Garcia-Jackson
  • Court of Common Pleas: Alita Rovito and Tony Verwey
  • Magisterial District Judges
  • 15-1-01 Marc J Lieberman
  • 15-1-02 Mackenzie W Smith
  • 15-1-03 Gregory V Hines (incumbent)
  • 15-1-04 Marian Vito (incumbent)
  • 15-2-07 Paige Simmons
  • 15-4-01 Lauren Holt
  • 15-4-02 Ann M Feldman
  • 15-4-04 Bobby Brown

West Chester Borough Mayor: Lillian DeBaptiste

The General Election is Tuesday, Nov. 2.

The Chester County Democratic Committee states it “believes in Freedom, Fairness, and Opportunity for all Americans regardless of what they believe, who they are, or where they came from.”

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