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Senior Living CommunitiesChamber Member of the Week: Cedarhurst Senior Living Community of Owensboro | #seniorliving | #elderly | #seniors

Chamber Member of the Week: Cedarhurst Senior Living Community of Owensboro | #seniorliving | #elderly | #seniors

Cedarhurst Senior Living Community of Owensboro

Slated to open its doors to the public in April, Cedarhurst Senior Living Community will become Owensboro’s first permanent location focused on personal and memory care for seniors. Containing 83 apartments and a “resort-style” atmosphere filled to the brim with amenities, administrators believe Cedarhurst of Owensboro will serve a much-needed role in the community. 

Located at 1900 Pleasant Valley Road, Cedarhurst will offer 56 personal care and 27 memory care apartments with a wide variety of floorplans. Personal care residents will receive one-on-one attention, including help with daily necessities, while maintaining their independence. 

Executive Director Shelby Ellis said Cedarhurst is not a nursing home, nor an assisted living facility, but somewhere in between. In fact, Ellis and her team prefer to exempt the term “facility” from conversations pertaining to Cedarhurst, describing the apartment complex as a “community” instead. 

“It’s an open, inviting neighborhood,” Ellis said. “We focus on what residents can do — not what they can’t.” 

Ellis also described Cedarhurst as “very much like a resort.” The community includes an array of amenities ranging from a stadium-seating movie theatre to an upscale salon to a restaurant with an executive chef. 

“It’s like staying at a five-star resort hotel,” Ellis added. “We will have a concierge that can do everything for our residents, from scheduling doctor’s appointments to providing transportation for them.” 

Cedarhurst approves residents that need care beyond what an assisted living facility can provide, Ellis said. The memory care component is reserved for those suffering cognitive decline, such as dementia or alzheimer’s. 

According to Ellis, Cedarhurst will serve as the only standalone location focused on memory care in the area. 

Ellis said Cedarhurst of Owensboro can serve as a stepping stone toward a more advanced-care living situation, but that it can also be a “forever home” for residents who live there. 

“Even if they exceeded that care, they could continue to stay here,” she said. 

Already, 23 of Cedarhurst’s apartments have been reserved, but dozens more remain available. Tours are offered daily and can be scheduled by calling 270-208-9150. 

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