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Senior Living CommunitiesCentral Florida 100: Learning the lessons of Pulse | #seniorliving | #elderly | #seniors

Central Florida 100: Learning the lessons of Pulse | #seniorliving | #elderly | #seniors

Mary Lee Downey, CEO, Hope Partnership

Last week: GOOD NEIGHBORS: I want to brag on a member of my team, Erika Soto, who is spearheading the creation of a program called Good Neighbors. With funding from AdventHealth, this program will help connect those experiencing homelessness with day-labor, apprenticeships, and career training, supporting them along the way. Imagine the difficult journey required to transition from panhandling for today’s meal to having a steady, productive career. As we get Central Florida back to work, this program can help us make sure that our economic recovery is not just a return to normal. We need to build back better than before.

Looking ahead: CHILD TAX CREDIT: I’m looking forward to the Child Tax Credit rollout in our community. You’ve likely heard that these payments are expected to lift millions of children out of poverty, and that’s just the beginning of the good news. Many of the families we serve are classified as ALICE: asset-limited, income-constrained, and employed. They earn too much to have access to support systems intended for those in poverty, and they earn too little to sustain and succeed in this community. For these families, the extra funds can transform their standard of living. Let’s make these payments permanent!

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