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DatingAtlanta Publix gunman was caught by Instacart shopper | #dating | #elderly | #seniors

Atlanta Publix gunman was caught by Instacart shopper | #dating | #elderly | #seniors


An Instacart shopper alerted staff at an Atlanta supermarket after seeing an AR-15 rifle and hearing what he thought was the sound of guns being loaded with ammunition in the store’s bathroom.

Staff at the branch of Publix called the police who upon arrival arrested a suspect as he exited the bathroom and found that he had six guns, CNN reports.

The suspect, identified as 22-year-old Rico Marley, faces a number of charges related to the incident and is being held at Fulton Country Jail without bond.

It came a week after eight people were killed in a series of shootings in Atlanta area massage parlours, and just two days after 10 people died in a mass shooting at a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado — something that was on the mind of Charles Russell, the shopper who raised the alarm.

“I saw an AR-15,” he told CNN affiliate WSB. “And I was like, you know, this kind of startled me just again with events that recently happened in the grocery store up in Colorado.”


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