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Health Care85-Y-O Woman Baptized in Guangxi | #healthcare | #elderly | #seniors

85-Y-O Woman Baptized in Guangxi | #healthcare | #elderly | #seniors


After being evangelized by her own daughter, an 85-year-old woman was baptized on Monday at a health care center.

Elder Chen Kaosi, chairman of the Beihai Three-Self Patriotic Christian Movement Committee in Guangxi, led his fellow workers to visit Hepu Changhe Elderly Health Care Center, where Lao Yuxiu lives, and there he baptized the elderly sister in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Her converting to Christianity began with two strokes. After suffering from the first stroke in 2006, she recovered for a long time. However, the second stroke came ten years later, from which she again recovered after treatment. Since 2016, she had been taken care of by her daughter Chen Cailan, who later worked in the church and had to her mother to a nursing home.

For years, Lao has been in a state of illness in which she cannot clearly remember anything.

“By March of this year, the Holy Spirit reminded me; right now the Holy Spirit is working on me; suddenly, it was as if the Holy Spirit was urging me to preach the gospel to her, and told me that if I don’t preach the gospel to my mother now, I will regret it in future. So I passed on the gospel to her and led her to pray”, Chen said.

Elder Chen Kaosi consecrated the water and then sprinkled her forehead. After the baptism, her daughter and church workers surrounded her with congratulations. Snapshots were also taken to remember the moment.

(The original article is published by Gospel Times.)

– Translated by Joy Zhang 


85-Y-O Woman Baptized in Guangxi


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