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Vacation7 Travel Podcasts That’ll Inspire Vacation Ideas
 | #vacation | #seniors | #elderly

7 Travel Podcasts That’ll Inspire Vacation Ideas
 | #vacation | #seniors | #elderly

You Should Have Been There

British banter abounds during this half-hour podcast helmed by two experienced travel journalists, former BBC producer Simon Calder (the current senior travel editor for the Independent newspaper) and Mick Webb. The pair go back and forth reflecting on their decades of travel in conversations that flow easily from one subject to the next, with tales that both entertain and educate. In a 2019 episode about “Places Glimpsed,” for instance, the duo reminisces about things they’d seen, however briefly, only by happenstance during their travels. Remembered views out plane and car windows carry listeners along island bridges in northwest France and epic flights over Britain and Kazakstan — images made vivid by the hosts’ descriptive storytelling. More recently, the hosts kicked off 2021 by interviewing Tony Wheeler, cofounder of Lonely Planet guidebooks, for his educated guess on what the travel industry has in store for us all this year. 

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